Nursing Training

FAHZU Nursing Department is one of the guidance centers in Zhejiang province integrating Clinical Nursing, Nursing Management, Nursing Education and Nursing Research. It’s also the affiliated unit of Zhejiang Nursing Quality Control Center, the training center for doctors and masters of nursing at Zhejiang University, and nursing teaching unit for 24 colleges and universities. FAHZU Nursing is also training base for Training bases for specialist nurses such as Adult ICU, Emergency First Aid, Organ Transplantation, Hemodialysis, Traumatic Ostomy Incontinence, Operating Room, Diabetes, Accelerated Rehabilitation Surgery, Endoscopic Nursing, Peritoneal Dialysis Nursing and Elderly Nursing in Zhejiang Province, and practice bases for specialist nurses such as Rehabilitation Nursing, Psychopsychology and Intravenous Infusion in Zhejiang Province.

Nursing disciplines pursues coordinated development, cross-integration, inheritance and innovation with clinical part of the hospital which leads the development of specialized nursing in Zhejiang Province and even the whole country. Nursing technology covers 33 provincial-level administrative regions across the country, and it receives about 500 advanced students to visit and learn every year. The nursing discipline was integrated with international nursing, and the Sino-European Union Urology and Urology Joint Treatment Center was established. The liver transplantation nursing team went to Indonesia to share nursing care of transplantation. FAHZU nursing team also participated in international aid (aiding Africa, fighting Ebola) for many times, and made great contributions in previous major emergencies.

Visiting Nurse Scholars at FAHZU offers onsite observational experience that gives nursing specialist the opportunity to acquire knowledge and new skills in the face of current challenges in medical institutions.

The scholar experience is tailored to meet career development objectives and the needs of the sponsoring institution. Based on learning objectives, scholars are paired with FAHZU nursing experts who will serve as their mentor. This helps scholars develop a deeper understanding of the area of interest along with alternative approaches to the management of complex cases.

The duration of the program is typically ranging from one to four weeks depending on the need with programs offered at FAHZU.

Individual experience comprises clinical specialties, leadership, etc. Focused nursing tracks for group learning include:

Clinical Specialties and Advanced Practice

Adult Intensive Care Unit

Organ Transplantation Unit

Emergency Department

Elderly Care


Abdominal Dialysis

Stoma &Wound

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

Endoscopy Department

Diabetes Care

Operating Room



Research and Evidence-Based Practice

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