The Emergency Department was formally established in 1992. It is currently the department in charge of the Poisoning Treatment and Prevention Center of Zhejiang Province, Chemical Poisoning Treatment Base of Zhejiang Province, and the key discipline of Acute Poisoning Treatment of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. It is also a National Standardized Training Base for Residents. In 2009, the first Emergency Medicine Professional Team of National Drug Clinical Trial Institution of Zhejiang Province was established in our department.

Since its establishment, the emergency department has formulated development plans according to the international modern emergency medical model, and attached importance to the training of professional emergency medical personnel. Emergency rescue is timely and proper with a high success rate.

Our Team

FAHZU Emergency Department has a group of professional teams with excellent clinical skills. With Director Yuan-Qiang Lu as the academic leader, the department consists of more than 52 physicians and 200 nurses, including 7 physicians with senior professional titles and 23 physicians with intermediate professional titles, 9 of whom have PhD degrees.

As a National Youth Civilized Group, the department takes "life-saving, wound-aid, cutting-edge, high-efficiency" as the theme, adhering to the "patient-centered" concept, continuously improving and optimizing the first-aid process. The improvement project “Shortening the treatment time and quality of stroke and chest pain” has won first prizes for quality improvement projects in Asia and China.

Treatments and Services

FAHZU Emergency Department has complete functional units. It has a team with outstanding ability to treat emergency and critically ill patients, and high level of scientific research. It routinely carries out various organ function support measures, such as mechanical ventilation, various kidney replacement treatments, pulse indicate continuous cardiac output (PiCCO) monitoring, temporary cardiac pacing, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), bedside critical ultrasound, bedside fiberoptic bronchoscopy, aortic balloon counterpulsation, etc., to rescue more than 10,000 critically ill patients every year.

The department has long been responsible for the consultation and treatment of patients with severe and difficult poisoning in Zhejiang Province and surrounding provinces. It is also responsible for the guidance and training of emergency poisoning treatment in Zhejiang Province. It participates in the establishment of chemical poisoning treatment standards and chemical toxicology research.

Research & Innovation

In recent years, Emergency Department has presided over more than 10 scientific research or teaching projects at national, provincial and ministerial levels, including the general projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Key Research & Development projects of Zhejiang Province. The department publishes 5-10 SCI papers as the first author or corresponding author every year and has won Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province, and Medicine Science and Technology Award of Zhejiang Province for many times.

At present, the department is hosting two Chinese Medical Association journals, including the Chinese Journal of Critical Care Medicine (Electronic Edition) and Journal of Cerebrovascular Disease.

In 2019, Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Aging and Physic-chemical Injury Diseases was approved for establishment ent.

Education & Training

Emergency Department is a national standardized training base for resident physicians. The staff of the base perform their duties and carefully implement clinical teaching work to ensure that students can successfully complete the internship, postgraduate, regulatory training and other study plans in the emergency department, and gradually formed the unique theoretical and practical teaching results. The Department has published more than 10 monographs or textbooks as the editor-in-chief or deputy editor-in-chief.

Honors & Awards

In the list of "Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics" released by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the discipline ranked 5th in 2017 and 6th in 2018.