Mental Health


The Department of Mental Health of FAHZU was founded in March 1989, and officially opened in December 2001.To date, the staff members of Mental Health Department consist of 11 doctors, 6 medical technicians and 17 nurses. Among them, there are 5 experts with senior professional titles, 6 with doctor’s degree.

The Mental Health Department had only one member in the beginning, however, the team has grown and developed into one of the best in Zhejiang province with the hard work of the members in the past few years. In December 2001, the Mental Health Department set up its first ward, and then moved from the Youdian branch to the Chengzhan Campus, and opened 50 beds on the fourth floor of the third building. In 2010, then director Yi Xu held the post of Chairman of Psychiatry Branch, the Zhejiang Medical Association and was selected as a Standing Committee member of Psychiatry Branch, Chinese Medical Association. Meanwhile, the Department of Mental Health united the Neurosurgery, Neurology, Medical Imaging and Information departments to set up the Medical Center of the Brain of the First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University. In 2014, the department was titled as Key Laboratory of Mental Disorder’s Management of Zhejiang Province for an honor.
Currently, the Mental Health Department runs a general outpatient service, a specialized outpatient service, sleeping disorders outpatient service and so on. In 2015, there were more than 70,000 patients using outpatient service, the highest figure in general hospitals of our country. Patients are from all over China, and some come from the USA, Singapore, Spain, Holland, Italy, and so on as well.

Research & Innovation

From the year of 1993, the Department of Mental Health has engaged in more than 40 scientific Provincial and Ministerial projects. At present, the main directions of scientific research are: (1) the biological process of male sexual orientation; (2) optimized treatment of schizophrenia and depression; (3) brain imaging studies of major mental disorders; (4) neuropsychopharmacology. To date, the department has published more than 100 papers in academic journals and 24 monographs totally. The members of the department have been the chief (associate) editor for almost 15 teaching materials, including those for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Education & Training

The Mental Health Department has undertaken the courses of "Psychiatry", "Advances in internal medicine" and "Sexual health education" in Zhejiang University. The chairman of the department, Yi Xu, now holds the post of vice-chairman of teaching materials, and has directed more than 10 students to receive their master's degree of "Psychiatry and mental health" in Zhejiang University. The department has hosted several teams studying scientific research in Zhejiang province in the last few years, and also undertaken the training program for doctors who are engaged in advanced studies and graduated students that are employed by other hospitals.