The Ophthalmology Department was founded in 1947. For years the department has cultivated numerous high-end ophthalmologists and made a significant contribution to the field of ophthalmology within the Zhejiang province.

Our Team

There are more than 40 ophthalmologists in the department, including: 2 PhD supervisors, 7 Master’s supervisors; 5 professor/senior consultants and 7 associate senior consultants. Presently, 17 ophthalmologists hold doctoral degrees and 23 hold masters degrees. There are also 10 technicians and 23 nurses serving within the department.

Treatments and Services

The faculty now undertakes clinical, teaching and research duties. The clinical service includes a general, consultant and VIP clinic. The department specializes in the divisions of: refraction, cataracts, optometry, retina-vitreous, eye fundus, cornea disease, pediatric strabismus and amblyopia, glaucoma, ophthalmic cosmetology and tumor, trauma, and ophthalmic genetics.

Research & Innovation

The faculty have edited and published 13 monographs, including "Eye and systemic diseases", "May's Ophthalmology", "Ophthalmology atlas", "Practical optics", and so on. The department has also published more than 200 scientific articles in ophthalmic academic periodicals and carried out more than 20 national or state scientific research projects. 

Education & Training

The Ophthalmology Department's Master degree program was approved in 1979, and the doctoral degree program was approved in 1988. Since then, more than 15 doctoral and 50 masters' students have graduated.

We also undertake teaching duties including undergraduate, Master and PhD programs of the university, physicians' continued education program, and the education of overseas students.

Honors & Awards

The department team has won more than 10 state scientific prizes, and 5 ophthalmologists are fellows of the Ophthalmology Society of the Zhejiang province.