PET Center


Founded in 2007, PET Center at FAHZU is a platform integrating medical treatment, scientific research and education. There are 13 multiple subspecialty trained nuclear medicine physicians and radiopharmacists, including 4 PhD and 9 master's degree. Center has introduced Germany's Siemens PET/CT and one Medical Cyclotron. With more than 10, 000 patients annually, we are trusted by patients throughout the whole country. Besides 18F-FDG, targeted positron imaging agent such as 18F-PSMA and 18F-NaF has developed and to the clinical in recently years. 

Our Team

Our department consists of more than 10 well trained nuclear medicine physicians, 3 radiopharmacist, 4 radiologic technologists and 4 experienced nurses, including 4 PhD and 9 master's degree. Director of our center has engaged in clinical nuclear medicine for 30 years and accumulated rich clinical experience in the diagnosis of clinical difficult and complex cases. The Center has established a complete set of PET/CT and cyclotron operation specification, service specification, and quality specifications. We are united by a common purpose: precision medicine and patient first.


Treatments and Services

We provide the most advanced treatments for conditions including but not limited to:




Research & Innovation

PET/CT integrates functional and molecular imaging diagnosis and radiological drug development. PET can provide functional information by tracing the biological activity of certain biological substance in the human body through radioactive tracer. PET-computed tomography (CT) is a unique combination of the cross-sectional anatomic information provided by CT and the functional information provided by PET, which are acquired during a single examination and fused. It is mainly used the diagnosis of tumor, coronary heart disease and neuro-psychiatric diseases, especially in the early diagnosis, imaging staging and treatment therapy of cancer.


Education & Training

The Department of PET center at FAHZU is deeply committed to training expert clinicians, clinical investigators, and medical educators who will go on to be future leaders in the field.