The Department of Ultrasound was founded in 1960. Through the efforts of several generations, it has developed into a base which integrates clinical, teaching, scientific research and integration Now, It is the national standardized training institution of ultrasound medicine for resident doctors, quality control center of Zhejiang Province, master and doctor's degree authorization institution and postdoctoral research center of Medical School of Zhejiang University. Ten specialties were set up in the Department to undertake the corresponding clinical and teaching work (① hepatobiliary and pancreatic ultrasound intervention ② abdominal ultrasound ③ urinary ultrasound ④ thyroid and breast ultrasound ⑤ obstetrics and Gynecology ultrasound ⑥ musculoskeletal ultrasound ⑦ pediatrics ultrasound ⑧ vascular ultrasound ⑨ intensive care ultrasound ⑩ gastrointestinal ultrasound). At present, we have 41 diagnostic ultrasound that include Philips, GE, Esaote, Toshiba etc. we also have advanced microwave radio frequency, laser radio frequency therapy and other interventional therapy equipment. The annual outpatient visits are more than 300000.

Our Team

There are more than 70 medical staffs in the general practice, including one senior professor and five associate senior professors, one post doctorate, three MD&PhD, three MD & PhD candidates and 36 masters.

Treatments and Services

We provide routine ultrasound examination including: 

Abdominal ultrasound

Superficial organs and soft tissue ultrasound

Cardiovascular ultrasound

Obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound

Additionally, our could perform all kinds of ultrasound guided interventional procedures and treatments, such as:

Hepatic, pancreatic, retroperitoneal, renal, thyroid, breast, prostate, pleural lesions and lung neoplasm biopsy.

Abscess drainage and drugs injection

Sclerotherapy of various abdominal cyst

Pericardium and pleural effusion intubation and drainage

Hepatic tumor intervention diagnosis and treatments including radio frequency, microwave, laser, nano-knife, ultrasonic endoscope, radioactive particle implantation, HIFU knife.

Research & Innovation

At present, the department undertakes a large number of national and local projects, including the study on “the efficacy and mechanism of bionic drug-loaded liposome targeted treatment for residual cancer after irreversible electroporation of pancreatic cancer”, “Key Technologies of Endoscopic Ultrasound Nanosecond Knife for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer Based on Mathematical Technique Modeling” and “Algorithm of Medical Image Registration and Fusion Real-time Shear Wave Elastic Imaging Quantitative Evaluation of the Changes of Liver Elastic Hepatic Vein Blocking in Small Chinese Pig”. Editor-in-chief:《Image-guided Laser Ablation》(Springer), 《Tumor Laser Ablation》(People's Health Publishing House), Practical 《Ultrasound Diagnostics 》(People's Military Medical Publishing House), etc.


Education & Training

Since 1992, the Department has undertaken teaching and apprenticeship for seven-year, eight-year and foreign medical school students in many universities, and has been responsible for the teaching tasks of interns in such colleges as Zhejiang University Medical College, Suzhou University Medical College, Wenzhou Medical College, Zhejiang University of traditional Chinese Medicine, Taishan Medical College, Hangzhou normal College and Shaoxing College of Arts and Sciences. It has also becoming a national ultrasonic medicine-training base as well as the training personnel of ultrasonic specialty and clinical specialty since 2015.

Every year, the department accepts nearly 100 advanced personnel of ultrasound and clinical specialties in hospitals inside and outside the province, carries out technical exchanges in the "Belt and Road" international training course, and holds many superficial organs and peripheral blood vessels meetings of the Chinese Society of Ultrasonic Medical Engineering. Grass-roots participants accumulated more than 100000 students. Help western china ultrasound development, hand-in-hand help many, a total of more than 50 people. Ultrasonic medicine forum is held regularly every year. Holding various types of ultrasonic intervention classes, it has established friendly cooperation with many hospitals at home and abroad, and has good social benefits.

Featured Programs:

Zhijiang ultrasonic forum  

Ultrasonic intervention training classes

Honors & Awards

13th best specialist in Chinese hospitals

The third prize of science and technology progress in Zhejiang Province

The second prize of science and technology progress of Zhejiang Health and Family Planning Commission

Excellent Residence training Base in Zhejiang Province