Plastic Surgery


The Plastic Surgery Department of The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, founded in 1999, is currently one of the first doctoral training places in plastic surgery in the province. Here came the first person in charge of plastic surgery degree of Zhejiang University. The director of it serves as the candidate chairman of Plastic Surgery Society of Zhejiang Medical Association and the permanent member of the National Standing Committee of the Plastic and Cosmetic Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association. The department consists of 1 doctoral tutor, 2 senior doctors, 1 deputy senior expert, 3 post-doctors, 5 doctors, 8 masters, 6 medical aesthetic doctors. We have already served 5 national research projects and 5 provincial research projects, and published nearly 40 international academic papers.         

The techniques and surgical operations that carried out in our department mainly include the following categories:

1. Cosmetic surgery: blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, liposuction, face lift, fat grafting,breast augmentation,etc.;

2. Cosmetic laser surgery: We have an IPL, a CO2 laser, a Q-switched laser which can be used for photon skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, pigmented nevus, tattoos, scarring, acne, whitening,etc.;

3. Minimally invasive surgery: botulinum toxin injection and hyaluronic acid injection for facial contour carving and younger appearance;

4.Plastic repair surgery: including reconstruction of congenital and acquired facial defects, body surface organ reconstruction,and treatment of complications from cosmetic surgery;

5. Gynecological privacy plastic surgery: hymen repair and labia hypertrophy correction.The Plastic Surgery Department,which has 5 hospital beds,not only carries out a large number of outpatient surgery, but also attaches importance to inpatient surgery.