Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Division


The Department of Occupational Disease (former the Institute of Radiation Disease) was founded by Lou Fuqing, a famous professor of cardiovascular disease of Zhejiang Medical University in 1964. Supported by the Dean of Zhe Shuseng, the new department of occupational disease was established through combining with the occupational institute of Zhejiang University School of Public Health in 2003, and became the first batch of medical agencies which have certificate of occupational disease diagnosis and occupational health physical examination authorized by Health Department of Zhejiang Province in 2005.

The Department of Occupational Disease is the earliest engaged in related works in the fields of radiation disease diagnosis, radiation accident treatment, health physical examination of radiation workers and so on in Zhejiang Province. The department has dealt with the first case of acute myeloid radiation disease combined acute radiation skin damage, followed up for 34 years until the patient died for leukemia and was finally diagnosed occupational radiation cancer, and recoded the whole process in Zhejiang Province.

Now, the Department of Occupational Disease consists of the office of occupational diagnosis, the office of occupational health surveillance and the laboratory of radiation genetic analysis, which serves people who were exposed on harmful factors for occupational health surveillance, including occupational health physical examination and evaluation, chromosome aberration and comet analysis of peripheral lymphocyte, biological dose estimation of radiation damage, occupational diagnosis, and rating of disability of ex-servicemen who engaged in nuclear radiation work etc.