CAI Youzhi

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Dr. Cai, Doctor of Medicine, deputy Senior Physician. Graduated from the Medical College of Zhejiang University, engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthropathy and sports injury for more than 10 years, visited European and American joint and sports medical centers for many times, mainly devoted to the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of shoulder, knee and ankle joint under the microscope, and the latest treatment of osteochondral injury. He has rich experience in the treatment of various diseases of hip, knee, shoulder and ankle, as well as tendon, ligament, meniscus and other sports injuries in China Leading level, especially good at arthroscopic surgery such as the reconstruction of knee anterior cruciate ligament, the reconstruction of shoulder sleeve and the reconstruction of bone structure of shoulder joint dislocation, providing high-quality medical services for patients and athletes with joint diseases all over the country. He has published more than ten international SCI papers related to sports medicine and joint diagnosis and treatment clinical (including 4 top journals) by the first author or corresponding author, authorized two national invention patents, one National Natural Science Fund, three provincial scientific research projects and two national natural science funds.

At present, he is a young member of the sports medicine branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a young member of the sports medicine branch of the Zhejiang Medical Association, a young member of the sports medicine branch of the Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medical Association, a member of the bone and joint diseases branch of the Zhejiang anatomy society, a young member of the rehabilitation and regeneration branch of the Zhejiang Medical Association, a joint rehabilitation and minimally invasive surgery branch of the orthopedics branch of the Zhejiang Medical Association Member of the group.

Treatment concept: exercise makes life better and medicine makes exercise healthier. We hope that through treatment, patients can enjoy exercise again.



At present, he is mainly engaged in the treatment of complex shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and other joint diseases and various sports injuries such as articular cartilage injury. He is good at arthroscopic minimally invasive treatment of rotator cuff injury, shoulder dislocation, acromion impact, knee meniscus injury, cruciate ligament injury, multiple ligament injury, patellar dislocation, elbow synovitis, stiffness and other sports injury diseases, and is committed to cartilage injury cells Transplantation, tendon bone healing and rotator cuff tendon regeneration have achieved good results.