TU Zhengliang

Department :

Thoracic Surgery

Languages :

Chinese, English


He is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of various common and rare thoracic diseases. He has extensive clinical experience in both conventional and minimally invasive thoracic surgery, especially uniportal thoracoscopic thoracic surgery for the treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and mediastinal tumors. He also participates in heart transplantation, lung transplantation and combined heart-lung transplantation. He has participated in several key research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and published SCI papers as a first author or corresponding author.


Minimally invasive treatment for thoracic malignancy and other disorders

Lung Cancer

Esophageal Cancer

Mediastinal masses (thymoma and thymic cancer, neurogenic Tumor, etc.)

Lung Nodules

Pleural Effusion


Rib Fractures

Lung Transplantation


Professional Memberships

Member of the Thoracic Surgery Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association Member of Chinese Medical Education Society Lung Cancer Medical Education Society

lCommittee Member, Cancer Precise Diagnosis and Treatment Committee of Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association