HU JianDirector

Department :

Thoracic Surgery

Languages :

Chinese, English


As a thoracic surgeon for more than 30 years, Dr. Hu have devoted his clinical practice to diagnosing and treating patients with lung cancer, esophageal cancer, mesothelioma, and all other cancers of the chest cavity. In addition to serving as Chief of Thoracic Surgery, He is  the Program Director of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Program at Zhejiang University.

He was one of the first thoracic surgeons in the China to develop expertise in minimally invasive or VATS/Robotic approaches, and as such the overwhelming majority of his patients with lung or esophageal cancer receive the benefits of this approach. In his role(s) at The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, He is committed to continuing to enhance the quality of care and the outcomes for all patients who receive thoracic surgery at our institution. We understand that each patient is unique, and therefore he strives to design patient-specific treatment approaches that leverage the unique expertise of our  thoracic surgery program.  

His research focuses on the molecular mechanisms governing the development of metastases in patients with early-stage lung, esophageal cancer and mediastinal tumors. In addition, his team has been a pioneer in exploring the clinical application of newly developed surgical devices for patients with lung cancers that will be removed by minimally invasive manner. We are interested in understanding how to best integrate molecular characterization of lung and esophageal cancers, and minimally invasive surgical approaches to all thoracic malignancies.



Minimally invasive treatment for thoracic malignancy and other disorders


Airway Management And Surgery

Barrett's Esophagus

Benign Esophageal Disease And Surgery




Esophageal Cancer

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Germ Cell Tumor

Hernia Management

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Screening

Lung Infection

Lung Nodules

Lung Transplantation


Medical Education


Minimally Invasive Surgery

Neurogenic Tumor

Pectus Malformation

Pleural Effusion


Post-Operative Management

Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

Quality Improvement

Rib Fractures

Swallowing Problems

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thymoma And Thymic Cancer

Tracheal Disorders

Activities and Honors

Director, Department of Thoracic Surgery, The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

Professor of Surgery, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University

Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery Program, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University

President, Medical Association of Zhejiang Province, General Thoracic Surgery Group(since 2019)

Committee Member of Chinese Society of Thoracic Surgery

Core Committee Member of Chinese Society of Thoracic Surgery, Robotic Surgery Group

Core Committee Member of Chinese Society of Thoracic Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery Group

Professional Memberships

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