WU Lihua

Department :

Research Center of Clinical Pharmacy

Languages :

English, Chinese


Graduated from Medical School of Zhejiang University in 1995, and later acquired PhD and MD in General Surgery of Zhejiang University in 2005. From 2002 to 2014, first as attending physician, then as Associate Senior Physician being engaged in perioperative management of liver transplantation and medical care for post-transplantation patients in general surgery department. In the year of 2012, worked as a visiting scholar in the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, USA. Since 2014, Dr. Wu has been working in the current department as a research physician and aslo as a senior clinical pharmacologist performed in clinical trials, including safety, pharmacokinetics and tolerability study of new developing drugs.


 Transplantation immunology and tumor pharmacology

 Immunotherapy for hepatobiliary tumors

 Clinical study of new drugs