LIU ZhenfengDeputy chief pharmacist

Department :

PET Center

Languages :

English, Chinese


He have worked for more than 15 years in PET Center, the First Affifiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University. He have been engaged in basic research of radiophamaceutical. Especially he focused mainly on the research of PET image Probe. And he is also responsible for the daily operation of cyclotron. He has done some research about EGFR PET probe ,PI3K/AlK/mTOR PET probe. He has successfully synthesized many PET Probes for clinical application,such as 18FDG , 18F -PSMA, 18FLT, 18F- acetic acid salt, 18F - MISO, 11C- CFT is, 11C - Raclopride, 11C - Met, 11C - choline, and 18Faza etc., He has rich experience in the organic synthesis of the medicine, radiosynthesis of radiophamaceutical and the synthesis of Nanomaterials. He have presided over and completed 4 scientific research projects, eg a natural science foundation of zhejiang province, a foundation of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Project and two foundations of Zhejiang Provincial Health department. He has participated in some National Natural Science Foundation of China,too. He won the second prize of zhejiang provincial medicine and health science and technology award in 2013. He has published more than 10 SCI indexed papers.


PET Probes

SPET Probes

Nanomaterials application

Activities and Honors

Invited Speaker of XXXX

Professional Memberships

 Chair of Computational Radiobiology of Radiation Oncology

 Member of American Society for Radiation Oncology