Organ Transplantation

Organ Transplantation as a National Leader

The number of living related small bowel transplantation tops the nation

1st Autologous Intestinal Transplant Combined with Radical Pancreaticoduodenectomy for Patient after Chemotherapy

1st Combined Domino Liver and Small Bowel Transplantation

The First 2 Lung Transplants for Elderly Patients with COVID-19

FAHZU Organ Transplantation has carried out liver, kidney, pancreas, lung, heart, cornea, bone marrow, small bowel and other transplant projects. We have significantly improved the diagnosis and treatment of various end-stage diseases and established a set of diagnosis and treatment standards and norms suitable for China's national conditions, including: the Hangzhou Standard, the first international standard for liver transplant recipient selection for liver cancer, the establishment of an innovative living donor liver transplantation technology system and its promotion at home and abroad, the establishment of a prevention and treatment system for hepatitis B and liver cancer recurrence after liver transplantation, and the new method of artificial liver combined liver transplantation for the treatment of severe liver diseases. Key technologies have also been developed including early warning and non-invasive diagnosis of renal transplantation rejection and induction therapy of renal transplantation immune tolerance.

FAHZU Organ Transplantation Department has won 1 National First Prize, 1 Innovation Team Award and 5 Second Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology. We have achieved a major breakthrough in the field of organ transplantation and led the development of organ transplantation in China.

  • Kidney Transplantation: 6,778
    2nd in China in 2020
  • Liver Transplantation: 3,238
    2nd in China in 2020
  • Lung Transplantation: 74
    7th in China in 2020
  • Small Bowel Transplantation: 35
    1st in China in 2020
  • Heart Transplantation: 78
    6th in China in 2020