Infectious Diseases

Leading China Hospital Specialty Reputation Ranking

Collaborative Innovation Center for Infectious Diseases

State Key Lab for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases

National Clinical Medical Research Center for Infectious Diseases (Viral Hepatitis) - 1st National Clinical Medical Research Center approved in Zhejiang Province

FAHZU Infectious Diseases is a State Key Clinical Specialty, Clinical Key Specialty and Clinical Medical Research Center. We are the largest and leading infectious diseases discipline in domestic general hospitals, including artificial liver treatment center, intensive care unit, infectious diseases, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and AIDS and other 3 diagnosis and treatment areas. Our department can treat a complete range of diseases for a wide range of patients. Our comprehensive ranking has kept the first in China for many years.

Our discipline occupies an international leading position in the diagnosis and treatment of emerging infectious diseases such as liver failure and new influenza. At the same time, we have rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of fever, liver dysfunction and difficult and critical infectious diseases. We have published hundreds of SCI-indexed articles on journals such as New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Hepatology, Journal of Hepatology, and won many national level awards including National Grand Prize, Innovation Team Award, National First Prize and National Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, etc.